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Aurova is an electronic duo comprised of David McCully & Nicolene Waldon. Combining ethereal synthesizers and layers of reverberated texture, the melody of a shimmering guitar weaves through the compositions, creating a soundtrack fit for a sunrise drive across the desert. Undulating between melancholic introspection and euphoric expanse, Aurova threads shoegaze, electronic, psychedelic and new wave into a vibrant tapestry. KUTX referred to the music as if “it were taken directly from the journeys of the mind’s eye in the midst of dream-drenched sleep.”

Nicolene’s roots as a performer stem from her grandfather, Louis Waldon, a long-time Andy Warhol collaborator. Growing up in a family surrounded by members of The Factory, Nicolene, from and early age, was inspired by the endless possibilities of art and multi-sensory experience. After playing in psych-pop outfits Melogrand and The Story Of, David began to branch out and embrace his natural inclinations of creating atmospheric music grounded in immediacy and melody. A chance encounter at the Burning Man festival led David and Nicolene to embark on a multi-faceted collaboration. The visuals created to accompany their live performance were shot on 8mm film blended with kaleidoscopic processes during their travels along the Eastern Sierras and the Nevadan desert.

Aurova debuted their live performance, sharing the marquee with Tycho, a noteworthy influence of theirs. They have also curated art gallery performances (Woven Visions) and performed at the seminal Art Outside festival in Texas. Aurova is putting the final touches on their debut LP and a collaboration with filmmaker Bryon Phillips, dual exposing 16mm film set to Aurova’s song, Arcana. ‘Imagine your dreams creating music.’ – KUTX